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Patricia Polacco - Bibliography

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Patricia Polacco - Biography
Patricia Polacco - Bibliography
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Patricia Polacco has written and/or illustrated over 30 books for children. She lists some of her favorite books as Beatrix Potter's "Peter Rabbit", "The Tall Mother Goose" by Fedor Rojankovsky, and "Grimm's Fairy Tales'" by Fritz Kredel. Authors and illustrators that inspire her include Tommie DePaola, Jan Brett, and Patricia McKissack. Her "greatest artistic hero" is Norman Rockwell.

Illustrated By Patricia Polacco

"Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Lawrence Thayer
Putnam Publishing Group, 1997 ISBN 0698115570

Written and illustrated by Patricia Polacco

"Meteor!" Putnam Publishing Group, 1988
ISBN 0698114108

"Rechenka's Eggs" Philomel Books, 1988
ISBN 0399215018

"The Keeping Quilt" Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing, 1988 ISBN 0671649639

"Boat Ride With Lillian Two Blossom" Philomel Books, 1989 ISBN 0399214704

"Uncle Vova's Tree" Philomel Books, 1989
ISBN 0399216170

"Thundercake" Philomel Books, 1990
ISBN 0399222316

"Applemando's Dreams" Philomel Books, 1991
ISBN 0399218009

"Chicken Sunday" Philomel Books, 1992
ISBN 0399221336

"Picnic at Mudsock Meadow" Putnam Publishing Group, 1992 ISBN 0399218114

"The Bee Tree" Putnam Publishing Group, 1993
ISBN 0698116968

"Babushka Baba Yaga" Philomel Books, 1993
ISBN 0399225315

"Just Plain Fancy" Yearling Books, 1994
ISBN 0440409373

"Mrs. Katz and Tush" Yearling Books, 1994
ISBN 0440409365

"Some Birthday!'" Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing, 1994 ISBN 0671727508

"Pink and Say" Philomel Books, 1994
ISBN 0399226710

"My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother" Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing, 1994
ISBN 0671727516

"Babushka's Doll" Aladdin Books, 1994
ISBN 0689802552

"My Ol' Man" Putnam Publishing Group, 1995
ISBN 0698117700

"Babushka's Mother Goose" Putnam Publishing Group, 1995 ISBN 069811860X

"Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair"
Philomel Books, 1996 ISBN 0399229434

"I Can Hear the Sun: A Modern Myth" Puffin Books, 1996 ISBN 069811857X

"The Trees of the Dancing Goats" Aladdin Books, 1996 ISBN 0689838573

"In Enzo's Spendid Gardens" Philomel Books, 1997
ISBN 0399231072

"Thank You, Mr. Falker" Philomel Books, 1998
ISBN 0399231668

"Mrs. Mack" Putnam Publishing Group, 1998
ISBN 0698118871

"Welcome Comfort" Philomel Books, 1999
ISBN 0399231692

"Lubba and the Wren" Puffin Books, 1999
ISBN 0698119223

"The Butterfly" Philomel Books, 2000
ISBN 0399231706

"Betty Doll" Philomel Books, 2001
ISBN 0399236384

"Mr. Lincoln's Way" Philomel Books, 2001
ISBN 0399237542

"When Lightning Comes in a Jar" Philomel Books, 2002 ISBN 0399231641

"Christmas Tapestry" Philomel Books, 2002
ISBN 0399239553

"'G' is for Goat" Philomel Books, 2003
ISBN 0399240187

"The Graves Family" Philomel Books, 2003
ISBN 0399240349

"An Orange for Frankie" Philomel Books, 2004
ISBN 039924302X

"John Philip Duck" Philomel Books, 2004
ISBN 0399242627

"Oh Look!" Philomel Books, 2004
ISBN 0399242236